History of Crantock Village Hall

The initial references start with the first paragraph of the Charity Commission deed which commences:-“In the Matter of the Charity known as the Village Hall,in the Ancient Parish of Crantock,in the County of Cornwall,founded by a Conveyance dated 27th September 1934”.

The Initial Constitution mentions the first Trustees as William Angove,Bertha Foster,Joseph Prater and Isabel Martyn.The Object of the Charity was listed as being the maintenance of a Village Hall for the purpose of physical and mental recreation and social,moral and intellectual development through the medium of reading and recreation rooms,library,lectures,classes,recreations and entertainment or otherwise as may be expediant,for the benefit of the individuals of the Ancient Parish of Crantock and the immediate vicinity,without distinction of sex or political or other opinion.The Council of Management shall not permit the Hall to be used for the purposes of any particular Church,denomination or sect or of any political party, provided that the Council may permit an occasional public,denominational or political meeting,not inaugurated by the Council,to be held in the hall.

The Council of Management ( Today termed the Committee) was to consist of 14 competent persons being twelve elected and two representative members.The first elected Committee comprised 5 men and 7 ladies. It is interesting that the first two Representative groups were the Crantock War Memorial Men’s Institute and the St Newlyn East,Cubert and Crantock Distict Nursing Association.

The Conveyance of the Land and Buildings was recorded in the Books of the Charity Commissioner under the Settled Land Act 1925 on the 29th July 1936 and vested with the “Official Trustee of Charity Lands” by an order of the Charity Commission on the 28th August 1936.

There have been various supplemental orders over the years but one on the 20th August 1965 specifically mentions that Crantock Women’s Institute be appointed as an additional Reprentative Member.

From a Chairman’s perspective it is interesting that the notes on Chairman’s duties state the Chairman should: Enable all Committee members to contribute, including the shy and reserved,as well as having the tact to stop the garrulous with good humour. The Chairman will need to exercise tact so that co-operation is maintained and to keep calm,even in a trying situation.Matters haven’t changed with time!

The History of the Playing Field started back in July 1984 when the then owner was granted permission to use the field for a coach and car park and a playing field. From October 1985 to July 1990 numerous discussions took place to either lease or purchase the field for the benefit of the village but agreement couldn’t be reached. Time moved on until October 1999 when an agreement to sell the 3.47 acres was agreed.The Purchase price was going to be financed via grants but then the Village hall was bequeathed a sizable sum along with 16 other charities and organisations by a wealthy parishioner. So finally on the 1st April 2003 the purchase of the field was completed.On the 22nd March 2010, the land was officially vested with the Charity Commission Official Custodian hence ensuring it will always be used as a playing field for the benefit of the village.


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